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09 Jun 2018

NGC Submission Results

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At the National Money show I decided to submit some of my collection of raw Pandas for grading and I am very pleased with the results. I got no grad lower than 69 and I also got some varieties. See the photos or check out my Panda collection on my profile page.



Level 5

Nice results!

Fine examples of these world renowned silver coins.

Thank, glad you like them.


Level 6

The Panda's are wonderful! Congrats on the high grades!!

Thanks Kepi, just luck of the draw when you get in the high grades like that Whether or not you are going to get a MS-69 or an MS-68.


Level 6

Great collection. Good job on the grades. Keep them coming!!

Thanks Longstrider, I will keep them coming.


Level 5

I have a few of these also. They are fun to collect.

Thanks World Coin nut, nice to hear I have a fellow collector of these here.


Level 6

Lovely set. Fun to collect.

Thanks CoinLady, They are very fun to collect.


Level 7

The Pandas are very big. Good choice keep collecting them. Mike.

Thanks Mike, I will.


Level 6

Very nice collection. Congratulations.

Thanks Sun, it is shaping up nicely.

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