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30 Sep 2018

Numismatic Tools Of The Trade #1

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With this blog for the most part I will be staying away from books and magazines just for the reason that there are so many out there. They are all great and have valuable information that is needed to be a successful numismatist but a Morgan Dollar book is not much use to a large cent collector. So listing a lot of books that not everyone will be interested in or use is not the point of this blog. With that being said I did have to start this blog out with the red book just because it is the main general source of information about U.S. coins. If you are collecting any U.S. coins at all this is a reference that you have to have on your book shelf. As most of you that are reading this know the red book comes in many different versions every year and are always well worth the low cover prices. I myself prefer the deluxe editions as they contain more information overall and every year they focus even extra information on a single  denomination. The one in the photos focuses on cents but I am longingly waiting for the dollar version to come out in about three years. For those of us that would prefer not to have to drag an Encyclopedia with us every where we go they also make a regular hard cover and spiral bound edition. They contain enough information that you will be covered in the field but will be missing some more advanced data. If you are currently using the regular edition I would definitely recommend checking out the deluxe edition the next time you see a copy.
How I use it: General U.S. coin reference
Brand name: The Official Red Book (Whitman Publishing)
Where to buy: Any coin supplie store, on line, and some book stores
Cost: around $35


Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I have the red book. I was at my bookstore and they had a Mega Red. I was looking through it, it looked nice. Maybe I'll have to get it next year.

Definitely should add it to your library


Level 6

I'm always using the Redbook to look up information. Although I don't buy a new one every year. Great blog, Thanks!

Same Here, every couple of years I buy a new if there is some added info.

Books are a vital pat of collecting, one for every series I say. Buy the book before the coin.

Too true Big Nub Numismatics


Level 6

I use the large text edition. Easy to read and the spiral bound lays flat. Ih have that same First Edition mega. My pages want to come out.

Sound like you need a new copy then.


Level 6

Best reference book. Always looking in it.

Same here SUN.


Level 6

Can't be w/o the Red Book. My 1st was the 1967 edition. I fondly remember the Professional Edition.

I have never got to see a professional version before.


Level 7

I use the Red Book the most there was just a bunch of blogs on these so I will say what I always say red book magazine's and books on coins I collect. If I don't collect the coin I really don't have a use for the book. Thanks.

Definitely no, need to buy books something you don’t collect. My collection is so varied though that I have a lot of books that I don’t use all the time.


Level 4

Where would we be without the Redbook? I’ve used it since I was a kid, when my grandfather gave me an old 1963 edition. Nice blog. Thanks. Jim

Where would we be indeed, it would be fascinating to see the 1963 prices.

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