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29 Apr 2018

Panda Collection added to my Profile

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Within the last couple of weeks I have been busy reshooting my photos of my Panda Collection. I am happy to say that all the photos are now retaken and they turned out nicely for amateur shots. Come by my profile and take a look at this latest collection I have added for your viewing pleasure.



Level 6

Love the Panda photo! Too cute! I'll be checking out your collection! Thanks!

I will have some more additions coming soon. My shipment from NGC will be here some time next week and it is full of pandas.


Level 6

Great photos. I'll be checking out the others. Thanks!

Glad you like them Longstrider.


Level 5

My wife isn't a collector like me, but she does like bears! At one time she collected Cherished Teddies and when I give her a Panda as a present it's always a winner.

That is so cool. If I gave a gift like that to my family I would get weird looks.


Level 7

I went and bought about six of these. Simply because I like the coin. And that's what we buy what we like. Thanks Mike.

Words to live by Mike.


Level 6

Beautiful coins. Love the pics!

They are very beautiful coins and I love how each year is a different design. Thanks I will try to keep them coming.

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