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04 Nov 2018

Philadelphia World’s Fair of Money Morgan Dollar Adds

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I set out for Philadelphia this August with a very specific mission to find a Proof Morgan Dollar to add to my collection. My thinking was since it would be a large east coast show that this would be the best time and place to go looking. I thought it would be a piece of cake to find a lot of examples and narrow them down to a few nice specimens in my price range and pick. As it would turn out the easy part was narrowing them down not finding them. When I could find them they where either too toned & rough for my taste or too high a grade & price. As luck would have it though my regular dealer had brought a beautiful 1904 PR-64 that is just amazing. It does have a slight golden brown tone but nothing that distracts from its surface and I couldn’t be more happy to add it to my collection even though I did end up spending a little more than I had planned. I would have loved to have seen some more coins that matched my price range and taste but all an all it was a wonderful hunt. I was also able to add a beautiful 1881-O MS-64 to my set so it is shaping up nicely.
PS the pictures don’t do the Proof any justice.


What a great pickup as Mike B said, I would love to own a 1895 proof Morgan Dollar!


Level 6

Beautiful Morgan! I like that bit of toning. But then I really enjoy a toned coin. Thanks for sharing it with us! ; )

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I like the brown toning on the proof. Personally, I like smaller shows more than larger ones.


Level 6

Too bad you could not find what you wanted. There is still the thrill of the hunt. Still a rewarding trip!

Always nice when you can find something in your price range that you have been waiting to pickup. The gold toned surface does not get win the way of its beauty and the Mint state one is gorgeous.


Level 6

A couple of beauties. I hope to find a nice proof Morgan some day.. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

On a slightly related note, I just saw an article in Coin World that said they Mint is planning a Morgan/Peace Coin (there words) in 2021. The article was a little vague so you can tease out the details here: https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/2018/11/us-mint-eyes-gold-sacagawea-dollar-for-2020.html You have to read through the whole article to get to the Morgan part, but it is an interesting idea, everyone can have a dual dated Morgan proof? The Mint is starting to follow the RCM in many ways.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Good for you, always such a joy to add a grail to one's collection.


Level 6

You got some beauties. Proof Morgans are gorgeous. The 1881-O is a lovely coin.


Level 7

Congratulations on a great pick up. I'm glad you found some of what you were looking for. I like I very light ton on my Morgan's. The one's I own have that beautiful luster you mentioned. That's the way the coin was made this the way it should be. I totally agree. That's for the pictures of those beauties. I call them America's Coin. Take care Mike.

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