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05 May 2018

Ship of Gold (SS Central America Shipwreck Treasure Exhibit)

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Today I went to the NRA national convention for the last chance to see the current discoveries from the SS Central America shipwreck before they are broken up and sold. I was able to meet and shake hands with bob Evans the chief scientist on the original voyage that discovered the shipwreck and is  now conserving the finds. I was also able to buy a pinch of gold which was the equivalent of 50¢ in the gold rush days and would have bought you a drink at a saloon. It was a great exhibit and I am glad I was able to catch it before it was broken up.



Level 6

Sounds like a great time! Your photo's are amazing! What a beautiful Exhibit! Thanks for sharing !

You are welcome Kepi.


Level 6

Wow!! That is a nice blog. Those are great photos. P.S. I still listen to that Aussie Girl's youTube videos you were with at the other show.... Thanks!!

I will let here know if she shows up at the world’s fair of Money.


Level 4

Nice! I wish I could go!

Hopefully they will make some more discoveries on the wreck soon too show off.


Level 6

Thanks for the photos, nice exhibit.

It is and you are welcome.


Level 6

Great photos. Looks like it was a very impressive display.

It was, I loved it and glad that it made a stop here in Texas.


Level 7

A great story and you know I appreciate the pictures. I think these belong in a museum. I do not believe because you can buy them they should be sold. These don't belong in private collections. It's just the way I feel. You were lucky to see them because after there sold no one will and that's a shame. Thanks Mike.

Definitely understandable point of view Mike but as we all know money makes the world go around. The funds that the sells generate will enable future discoveries from the ship and science advancements.

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