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07 Jul 2018

Texas Numismatic Association Additions to My Panda Collection

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At the resent Texas Numismatic Association coin show in Arlington, Texas I was able to add two more Pandas to my collection for a reasonable price. One is from the 2012 World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia and the other is a 2015 Bao Bao from the Smithsonian Institution. I was able to buy both at bid sheet. See the pictures below or visit my profile page to check out the whole collection.


Thanks Mike.

These are some neat Pandas. Whenever I see them they are all pretty expensive, but I also have to talk myself out of buying them.

My key to this set is I have been buying them the year that they are issued for the most part. I actually picked these up for under $50 each which I think is a lot less that original issue price.


Level 5

I have a few of them. Usually, I have to talk myself out of buying one when I see it. I have enough favorites.

They always are a good value when they come out and seem to hold that value at least for the yearly issues.


Level 6

You have an amazing collection of Panda's! These two are wonderful! Sounds like a fun coin show. Thanks for sharing them!

Thanks, I love my Panda Collection. It is one of my favorite foreign sets.


Level 6

More great pick ups. Must have been some show! Thank you!!

It was a great show. I will miss that they won’t have the national show here for the next couple of years.


Level 6

I'd love to see a full display or exhibit of Pandas.

That would be neat. They do have brochure that shows all the dates from the beginning but not quite the same.


Level 7

There great coins I was lucky to pick up a few years of these. I was always a sucker for Pandas. I even picked up the one with no writing on it I cent remember the year. Another great set. Mike

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