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16 Apr 2017

World's Fair of Money 2017

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

I have been planning this trip since November and am very excited to attend my very first World's Fair of Money. I was very pleased to see all the numismatic related attractions that the area has to offer and plan on visiting them all.  If you are like me and very interested in anything numismatic related you might want to check into visiting this list of attractions I have provided below. Please confirm the information I have provided yourself, between now and the convention things could change and please let me know if my interpretation is incorrect so I can correct my post. If you need the website addresses just let me know.
1. Denver Mint
     The Mint is located within walking distance of the convention and has free admission but you will have to get tickets no walk ups.
2. Federal Reserve Money Museum
     This is also very close to the convention and free no tickets needed.
3. The ANA Money Museum
      This is a little over an hour away and free to ANA members.
4.  Argo Mill & Mine Tours
     This is about 50 minutes from the convention and $22 per adult.
5. And last but not least the Convention its self



Level 5

Best of luck seeing all you hope to. That is a great itenerary.

Thanks, I will be there for 6 days so I should be able to make everything on the list.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i will be attending it too!!!!!! maybe we will see each other, also doing many things on that itinerary

I am sure we will run into each other. I will be sure to put my profile name on my badge so that everyone can meet and great if we do run into each other.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I know you will have fun. Thanks for putting together a list of suggestions too. Makes this a super awesome blog. I could see printing off that list and doing each and every thing you suggest. It's like a professional tour agency made the itinerary. Thanks!!

You are welcome, I am glad you enjoyed seeing the list.

Great news, the link to per register is up and running. I had been having issue with it but I got it to go through last night so now I am registered.


Level 4

I personally have never been , but it looks like a great plan - Have fun & I hope you get to all of your options for places to visit !

Thanks, So far everything looks good for now except the Mint. I hear you have to get there early for tickets before they run out.


Level 5

The Mint and Federal Reserve Bank are very interesting and worth doing. Be prepared for Very Strict security at both. I don't take a backpack of bag and clean everything I can out of my pockets. I think it makes the security check faster and I can spend more time inside do what I came to do.

Thanks for the advice, I will Keep that in mind. I have to remember to leave my hand full of keys in the car, don't want to get kicked out because of some stupid keys. LOL


Level 7

Now you did it right. You enjoyed the convention and the city. That's the way to do a show. Good for you.

Thanks, It was a lot of planning but is going to be great.


Level 6

I've attended 2 WFM in Denver. Great times! The Mint is well worth the trip. Many of the govt buildings, inc the Capitol, are all close in the downtown area, if I remember correctly.

I believe you are correct, I know the mint is just a few block from the convention and my hotel.

Thanks for the information! Someday, I hope I can attend. Here's a link: https://www.money.org/worldsfairofmoney

Thanks for the comment, I think have probably worn that link out over the past few months. LOL

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