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08 Dec 2017

World’s Fair of Money Vacation (Show Pictures)

World's Fair of Money | FortWorthCollector

Here are the photos that I took at the show itself. These are the final photos from the trip but the National Money Show in Irving is coming very soon and I will get some more pictures there.



Level 5


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very great coin show indeed thanks for sharing

You are welcome Conan.


Level 6

I loved the bear too...but I really liked the Eric P. Newman collection of Pewter coins! Beautiful photo's! Thank you for putting them up!

You are welcome Kepi.


Level 6

The bear is cool but the coins are, well coins... Great shots.. Like Mike, I'll be checking back to see more of those..The currency plates are a nice touch! Thanks.

You are welcome Longstrider.


Level 6

I became so jealous seeing these pics! Many great coins. I love the bear looking inside the convention center. Good way to start the photo essay!

Thanks CoinLady, I really loved the bear too and the convention center it self was great.


Level 7

I actually believe you could be a photographer and coin collector you do both so well. Again I will be visiting this again to go over all the great pictures. Thanks lot. Mike.

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate that.

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