29 Apr 2018

Collection of Chinese Pandas



Level 5

I didn't know that they had so many different variations of the chinese panda coin! Nice work! I see that they are all graded. Do you have a PCGS or NGC set registry?


Level 7

When you love the animal you have to love the coin. Very nice keep it up. Mike.

Thanks Mike, I will.


Level 6

Lovely. I like the WFM specimen, but all are very nice!

It is really nice and I love the reverse design with the Skyline of Denver.


Level 6

Good for you! Great collection! ; ) I think my favorite is the 2016 Panda Moon Festival.

It is one of my favorites too.


Level 6

Great collection. I have to say that they just make me nervous. They are getting good at making fake slabs now too. You seem to have it down so well done.. Thanks!!

My main trick is to buy from trusted sources and buy them at the release year.

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