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18 Oct 2015

Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club: October meeting

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Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club Meeting Notice

October 22nd, 2015. Vol. 55, Number 8


A Fausta Coin Reverse: Mother with Children

Presented By Bob Stumm

A coin issued in the name of Fausta (the wife of Constantine the Great) depicts a female figure on the reverse holding two children. At first glance this appears to be a typical family scene (mother with children), but is there more to this story than meets the eye? Come and hear Bob as he discusses ways history and numismatic scholarship can help us understand the context of this issue.

Photo credit: CNG e297, Lot: 480



Level 6

I bet you have some beautiful ancient coins!


Level 7

Sounds like a great club! There must be fabulous coins there at meetings. I looked at some of yours there great. Your lucky after twenty three years I just got into them. It should be a great journey in history. Thanks.

Greco Roman

Level 3

The October meeting had 15 attendees, great presentation that lead to a long discussion on several different related topics, a strong auction with many different world, Greek and Roman coins. The group also recognized Tom Barbeau for his last 5 years as club president with the ANA Past President Certificate of Appreciation and Bob Stumm for his story of his finding of an interesting coin with Fausta holding two infants (Constantine II and Constantius II ) and the questionable timing of the two children’s births and all the research and questions that come out of the historical context.

Greco Roman

Level 3

I'm expecting about 15 people or so. We have a nice end of night auction planned as well. Last month I scored a lot of 6 Late Roman bronzes for about $5 total. One of the coins ended up being an ARCADIUS Hand of God with a rarer obverse. Vcoin has the same die set for over $100 and my coin is in better condition. Then again, a different lot ($2 whole dollars) ended up being a Plantation token forgery. Has a value just not sure how much. We have been auctioning off pieces from an older and much liked member/dealer, who passed away, for awhile now. It's hard to tell what you get with some of the lots because the coins aren't really assessed or missing tags, etc. He collected anything old and had an extensive forgery collection. I'm more than happy to pass on his legacy of coins! I've even been able to pick up a couple rare mid-1700's copperplate prints for a couple bucks along with some cylinder seal imprints..not the seals but imprints... you just have to figure out what to do with things like that! Anyway the proceeds go straight to the clubs coffers. Which is a good thing as well.


Level 5

Sounds like its going to be a great meeting. I hope you have a good turn out for the presentation.

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