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17 Sep 2015

Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club: September meeting

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Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club Meeting announcement

When: Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015 @ 8:00 p.m.

Topics/lecture:Ancient Themes on Modern Coins, by Jorg Lueke.

Abstract: Ancient coins come in many varieties from basicand "ugly" toornate and beautiful. Some are quite simple while others are loaded with symbolism. We will explore those ancient themes that have resonate over the millenia to find themselves on modern coins. Questions to explore are: What is the purpose of the design or theme on the modern coin? What was the first representation in ancient times? How does the coin appeal to a modern audience?

Member Notes: Jorg requests participation of memebers by bringing examples and there will be one or two prizes fro the most interesting coins shown!

Winning coin!



Level 6

I wish I had a coin club near by...

Greco Roman

Level 3

Club Business: *Informed members that we an official ANA club member *Agreed to apply for club status in Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) *Member will inquire about free booth space in lobby at Northwest Coin Show *Discussion on topics for future presentations and started populating calendar (view website) *Get in contact with previous members to access what they would like to see as a club *Dispersed ANA membership coupons ----------- Presentation by Jorg where he brought in many different examples of ancient symbols being used on coinage and medals throughout history. Other members brought examples and we had light discussions on the symbolism of its original meanings vs current meanings. John H. won competition with the best coin with many different symbols on a "current" coin. The coins was a West Indies (Virgin Islands) coin. See images for example.

Greco Roman

Level 3

I think the topic will be a challenge as there as several common symbols that we still use. Look at the 2002 Greek Euro - it's a copy of the Athenian owl coin. There are liberty caps, of course the Roman eagle graces many U.S. coins and the fasces on Mercury dimes, you've got the olive and oak branches... symbols all over. Finding one that might not be so obvious is a tough job. It will be interesting to see what the members come up with. I'll see what I can come up with photo's or other aids.


Level 5

Sounds like a great theme. I hope everyone has a great time!

Greco Roman

Level 3

I'll see what I can do. Most members don't like their pictures taken.... personal security reasons.


Level 6

Wish we had something like that where I live. Maybe some photos after the meeting? Thanks!

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