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26 Apr 2019

2018 Grove Minting Commemorative Proof of the 1793 Chain Cent

| Grove Minting Company

Celebrating the 225th anniversary of the 1793 Chain Cent.

Celebrating its (late) 2018 release, the Grove Minting Company pays homage to Henry Voigt, Chief Engraver of the first United States Mint, as a 225th anniversary strike.

This commemorative is based upon the exceedingly rare 1793 Chain Cent, of who's original designer is unknown, which showcases an obverse Liberty facing right with motto and date. The original chain cents were struck during late February and early March 1793, with records indicating that approximately 36,103 having been produced. However, the public reaction to the coins was somewhat controversial. The reverse's central design figure, for which the coin is named, is an interlocking chain with 15 links, symbolizing unity through strength of the 15 American states in existence at that time, now surrounding the Grove Minting Crest; the Lion & Anchor.

The commemorative is proof-struck in copper at 30mm wide, with a reeded edge.

The production of the2018 Commemorative Proof of the 1793 Chain Cent is struck in both coin-turn and medal-turn orientation.



Level 4

A nice medal. Where could I find one.


Level 5

Nice meal!

Better than some o the designs the Mint as floating around now. Cool medal!


Level 6

I love this design! Our Mint could use some pointers from the Grove Minting Company!


Level 4

Amazing coin! How much are they selling it for?


Level 4

Wow. What an excellent medal!


Level 7

Now that is an eye catcher. Why can't we have designs like that again. It's a beuty. Thanks for the history. I like that. The research.. Thanks. Pat

It's Mokie

Level 6

I wish you still had the Gasparro Liberty in stock. That was/is a beautiful design


Level 4

Beautiful medal!!!

Nice design

It's Mokie

Level 6

A very nice medal, I wish the Mint would do something similar with their old designs.

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