Grove Minting Company Commemoratives

09 Sep 2014

Grove Minting Company specializes in the production of commemorative tokens, released annually, showcasing some of the lesser known coinage designs throughout American and European history.
Our commemoratives can be viewed here and also at www.groveminting.com



Level 4

Those are nice coins.


Level 5

Wow! Those are nice!


Level 6

Really Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!


Level 5

Extremely nice coins. Thanks for the photos.


Level 7

Nice coins! I collect commens to. Alot of the ones from 1918,1936 nice ones with low mintage. I think over the years I have about 42 that includes modern commens to. Take care like to see more I appreciate them!

2015 Silver Thaler 48 Schilling added today!


Level 5


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