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09 Oct 2019

Freak Show 1968 - VI

Coins | Haney

Sorry a little late this week but I have to say I am enjoying our first fall like days.

This time I have a member of the cast that I found wondering the back alleys of eBay in a simple 2x2 holder. No one had cared to take the time to certify the poor chap. The photo provided featured its obverse or so his old master thought as it had the date so naturally that the heads side right? Actually the obverse is actually the side indicating the poor fellows denomination whereas the date, that is kind of squished to the side is the reverse or tails. See this little freak actually flipped somewhere in the process of being ejected with its brethren only to be partially struck again. This means that somewhere possibly its twin, well Siamese twin, separated at strike has a partial date impressed upon its reverse and a scalped Roosevelt on the obverse. It would be a unique duel dated coin for sure.

Of course if I was to be honest I was a little confused myself when this coin came back from NGC with the reverse on the obverse side of the holder. Then I started thinking about the sequence of events and when it was last struck the previously struck coin was tails side up. So I guess I have a coin that at least on one side wins heads or tails if you count Roosevelt's scalp for heads. That is one of the neat aspects of collecting these little freaks is trying to imagine how they came into existence. Further having the knowledge that more than one freak came into existence at this time. They share a bond yet both unique and who knows maybe with enough searching I may eventually find its lost twin.

As to the stats on this little guy, well it is NGC in the newer finger style holder. It is described as a 1968-D 10C MINT ERROR MS 63, DOUBLE STRUCK 2ND FLIP OVER OFF CENTER. Of course if you are keeping up on your PDS system this error falls under S again.

Next week I promise a different error type.



Level 5

Wow, impressive snatch... nice work! Cheers, NumisMaster


Level 7

Nice pick up. Can't do better than that on ebay. If you know what you have and the seller doesn't know what he has. Your knowledge wins out. Happens all the time. They don't have a clue. Good going.


Level 4

eBay is the best! I recently purchased more error 2009 cents from errorauctions!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice Ebay find, just goes to show, even Ebay yields treasure for the patient and knowledgeable eye. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.


Level 6

Wow! That grading is a mouthful. I'm going to have to think about this and get it straight in my head. I'm really enjoying your blogs. Good luck finding it's twin. Man, that would be cool. Keep them coming and thanks for sharing your freaks..

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