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08 Oct 2021


Coins | Haney

Well kind of like me this week with my blog this member of my freakish cast almost did not make the cut.

I once saw a cent with just part of 68 showing giving no clue if it was a product of Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco. This FREAK hails from none of these fine cities or for that matter this country. Not to say that you could not find brethren, though not dated 1968, struck at all three of those mints for this island nation when it was once a territory of the United States. I have even owned a few of these and the silver dollar size peso is quite impressive. Yes I even had one with a cud but that is not our story. This though is rather small and intrinsic metal has been replaced with cheap brass with a value of a 5 sentimos in lieu of 5 centavos this being only the second year of the denomination.

My favorite aspect of this piece is how clear the inscriptions are that did make it on the planchet. The clarity of what is there almost appears to be trying to escape the confines of this circular brass disc. I could almost imagine him be suspended in the middle of the ring with a puddle of brass below with the missing inscriptions floating on the surface waiting for this last drip to fall and joint them leaving a blank disc of brass. The reality is it would never fall but are not the illusions that gets us to peak under the tent. Anyway that clarity is fascinating and more importantly informative as it gives us the year, country of origin, and denomination if not value.

As this piece is RAW the details are hand written coming from the hand of Jon. Philippine 1968 5 Sentimes, 95% offcenter graded MS60 spot. The spot not being spot on, but a small blemish adjacent the ‘T’ on the obverse? I question obverse as I am looking at my trusty copy of the 2006 Standard Catalog of World Coins, something akin to a phonebook, which shows the coat of arms with the date on the left and labels the bust of Melchora facing right as the reverse. I always think of bust image being obverse, but maybe that is my western thinking showing thru.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this foreigner among my troop.

BTW, welcome to October..................any guesses using the PDS system for my friend here is much appreciated.



Level 5

Now that is nice. Nice coin for sure.

AC coin$

Level 6

Very god collectio coin ,Nice blog thanks


Level 6

I like this one. You are right in it being such a great strike. So this would be a San Francisco strike. I enjoy your errors and freaks very much. Thanks. Keep them coming. Strike error.


Level 6

That's a wild one! At least the date was a clear strike! Great blog! ; )


Level 7

Denver and San Francisco made coinage for the Philippines. That would be hard to slab!! Thanks!


Level 5

Strike, right?


Level 4

Strike is correct as the planchet looks good and with what we see of the design we have to assume the dies have no problems. Though several months back maybe even last year, heritage did have a 1922 no D strong reverse off center so that one would have been a D and S.


Level 4

that coin is crazy


Level 5

Very nice error!

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