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26 Oct 2022


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Despite being rather homely in comparison to my other performers this FREAK is truly the star of my band of misfits. So to borrow a quote from many a ring master I did save the best for last. So you may want to ask what gives as this appears to be a merely a weakly struck Roosevelt dime. I mean you can barely read the all-important date, which is probably why it appears in parentheses on the label. In addition to the date and motto IN GOD WE TRUST being blurred on obverse most of the United States of America on reverse is radiating off of the planchet reminiscent of Roman Denarii. I find it is the reverse with the rim below the word DIME that is totally absent above the word STATES, actually half of the characters making up that word are absent too that give the best clue being the planchet not the correct size. That is the first clue as to how truly unique my FIEND is, which I will endeavor to explain below. The second which would be better appreciate in one of the newer NGC holders is that there is no copper core to be seen along the edge of this FREAK. It is not a case of it being missing as this planchet was never intended for a US denomination. This planchet was meant for Philippine one sentimo that was being produced during the same time period by the Philadelphia mint. So not only is it a dime struck on the wrong planchet, a rarity in its own right, but it is struck in aluminum which has never been used for US coinage with the exception of pattern or trial pieces. Jumping the tracks a bit one of the most spectacular of these patterns I have personally seen is the 1868 aluminum pieces owned by one of the former members in my former coin club. There is more recent and equally infamous 1974 aluminum cent struck in 1973 with samples given to congress that were not all returned, which I have not seen in person.

Anyway for me besides being so very unique I had a chance to own this ODDITY years ago, and with time passing quicker each year it could have been easily a decade ago. Unfortunately at that time I did not appreciate how truly exceptional this FREAK was so I let it slip away as I could not meet the seller at the price they were asking. Then I attended a summer seminar class on The Modern Minting Process where I realized how ignorant I was. It was quite simple as the dime is the smallest coin minted for the US and therefore every other planchet will not fit in the hole meant for a dime. This means it is almost impossible to find a dime struck on an incorrect planchet, the key being almost. In 1968 the mint did strike coins for other countries and in the case of sentimo it is smaller than a dime so it will fit. So armed with my new found knowledge the hunt was on to find my little guy. I was finally rewarded when it showed up once again earlier this year and yes the asking price was now higher. So I sent an offer at less than asking, but being that Jon has been gracious in accepting my offers in the past on other pieces and I did not want to have this piece escape again I quickly retracted my offer and accepted the piece for his asking price.

Now the dilemma for me is do I risk it going to NGC to be encapsulated in one of the new holders so we could all appreciate its third side. It is so unique I would hate for it to turn up lost in the mail. On a side note, searching auction archives, I have found two other 1968 dimes on the wrong planchet but strangely enough not on a foreign planchet like this one. No the other two I have seen listed were struck on 90% silver planchets somehow. Guess maybe they were still striking some 1964 dated dimes in to early 68? Of course now the boring bit, the billboard reads (1968) 10C STRUCK ON A, PHILIPPINE 1S PL MS 63, MINT ERROR. As for sending him out to be reholder, well for the time being I am inclined to be content in knowing he resides safely with my performers of FREAK SHOW 1968.

Have a Happy Halloween!



Level 5

Nice dime to have. Thanks for posting. Very interesting.


Level 4

Yes, great blog, and awesome coin! I think it’s the best addition yet because of the complete oddity.


Level 6

Oh...I like this FREAK! A perfect selection for the end of this years freaks! I always enjoy your interesting and crazy blogs! Happy Halloween!!! ; )


Level 4

Such and interesting and intriguing piece. To find something so ODD definitely makes it a freak. Not just the wrong planchet, but not even a U.S. planchet, and then throw on top of that, a minting error. Awesome piece to have in a collection. I don't know if I'd risk sending it to NGC.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

An excellent find. Within its lettering indeed a freak. It is great you expose such findings in an elloquent manner, nice written. We keep stumbling upon currency that we tend to overlook or see without seeing. Best regards . . . .Never give up .


Level 4

If you like my writing I have a guest editorial coming up in the December issue of the Numismatist. I know shameless plug for myself.


Level 7

Nice dime. I have lost a package. Filed a complaint with the USPS . It was coming back from NGC. After they closed it a mailman found it by the garage door at the post office!!I was lucky. There supposed to be locked up in a bin. I to am glad you found it!! Happy Holloween ! Im going as a normal person this year. That will be a first


Level 6

I love it. The dime appears to have giant flow lines to me. Amazing. I am happy you were able to find it a second time. I agree with you on being worried about the coin lost/stolen in the mail. I personally had a Registered Mail package from PMG being stolen. As a matter of fact the entire bag of Registered Mail was stolen that mine was in. I did finally get it. No help from the USPS at all. They couldn't have cared less. So, great coin and a Happy Halloween to you and your pals!

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