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01 Jul 2020

Green Beans - Summer course

Summer Seminar | Haney

I hope everybody is taking advantage of the online courses that are being offered. I just did the Green Beans class and learned something new, which is the point right? Brianna did a wonderful job of hosting the secession and Bob even stayed on in a new secession to provide more time for questions and answers. Just to let you know you do not need to have a webcam as I did this from my desktop, but I would probably recommend doing any extended Q&A via a device with a camera to enhance the experience. That said I am signed up for four more courses.
So if you have free time, and a seminar is still open that even just mildly interest you I would say sign up!



Level 5

I am loving the online courses! Cheers, NM


Level 6

These classes were great! I signed up for a few and really enjoyed them. Brianna did a fantastic job!


Level 7

I will probably watch one of two.when it gets to you tube. .. Thanks for that information.


Level 5

Definately will look into this, since going out to shows isn't a great option right now. Thanks for bringing this up. I wasn't thinking about this opportunity.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for telling us about this

It's Mokie

Level 6

All the classes will be recorded and released on youtube fairly quickly so if you do not get into a class you want, you will still be able to watch the broadcast a few days later. Win Win


Level 6

They are a great deal. Brianna is going a fantastic job. I have done both offered classes so far and have signed up to most everyone to come. There is a great selection of courses offered. They are filling up. Thanks.


Level 3

Never done a class before thinking about doing one soon maybe one about die variety's.

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