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23 Jun 2020

Lucite Encasement #3

Exonumia | Haney

Unlike the previous weeks this Lucite piece is hardly a curio as it was designed with a purpose being more than something to be decorative on the shelf.

I present this time a letter opener with a Lucite handle that encapsulates not just one coin but three for a total of sixteen cents Canadian. Unlike the previous ones I have shown this piece was an antique store find and if I were being honest here I did not even spot it first. Actually my wife brought it to my attention and with a price tag of five dollars it stayed in my hand as we continued to browse the small shop in Hillsboro, Texas.

The handle of the letter opener is approximately three and three quarter inches long by one inch wide by seven sixteenths of an inch thick. The handle width is slightly tapered from the base to the blade with one inch being the average width. At the point of connection with the blade the Lucite is opaque so you cannot see the tang portion of the blade inserted in the Lucite. I could not find any makers hallmark, but not surprising as it was probably a mass produced piece. The coins are displayed graduated in size from smallest to largest so like our coinage the arrangement is ten cent, cent, and five cents. Additionally the coins themselves are arranged shiplap style rather than just stacked one upon top of another in a single row. This means that only the obverse queen’s portrait is seen in full on the five cent piece that being the largest and likewise only the ten cent piece appears with its complete reverse design shown. All the coins are dated 1979 and appear to be mint state as most Lucite encased coins are found. Notice I say most, as polished coins do show up too in Lucite but again that does not appear to be the case here.

The blade of course is not sharp, so serves only to open mail. Granted I would not carry it on my person while walking through the line at TSA, but then again how many of us are doing that anymore either with or without a letter opener tucked in our pocket.

I hope you have enjoy this piece and I look forward to sharing another Lucite curio next week.




Level 5



Level 6

Pretty cool! And the price was right! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Definitely a nice find!


Level 7

I just saw a note in Lucite from the Andrea Dora. They opened the safe black mud came out. But the government was able to restore them.. So P.C.GS . Out them in Lucite and wants 299. For it. Not me. I mean some are nice but you have to be careful what your having done.


Level 6

Nice item, I always thought collecting lucite items fun.


Level 6

Great deal. Pretty cool. Thanks.


Level 5

Can't go wrong for 5 bucks. I wonder if there is anyone that would make these with the coins of your choosing. My thought was that it would be neat to have one with coins from my birth year.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Neat, I have seen those with U.S. coins but have not seen the Canadian version. Gotta keep my peepers open. Thanks for sharing, love the way they are arranged.


Level 5

This one is awesome. I have started looking now. I would of bought this one myself. Nice find. Looking forward to seeing more.

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