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18 Nov 2019

Numismatist spotted at the local B&N

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I know I will be preaching to the choir here, as everyone should have seen the email that the Numismatist would be available at Barnes and Noble. To be honest I did not think my local store would have it as it is pretty small with a limited periodical section. To my surprise though there it was on the shelf adjacent other hobby magazines that also catch my interest on the front row. Did I forget to mention I am a train nut.
Anyway the reason for the blog is that many in my own local club still have not joined the ANA so I have encourage the secretary to put a blurb in our newsletter in the hopes first it will at the least sell some magazines and secondly maybe increase membership. Of course I am also proud to say I have an article in this issue though no one other than myself cared in the store, but hey that is alright we are all not money nuts. So might I suggest you encourage those responsible for your local newsletter to get the word out and check your local B&N to see if it is on the shelf. Granted you may already have the magazine so do not make it a wasted trip grab a eggnog latte in the coffee shop and people watch a bit.



Level 4

Join! It is amazing, glad to see it is finally out there somewhere too!


Level 5

Wonder if I should take up model railroading again.


Level 4

I have to admit when I took the picture I had not noticed it was surrounded by model railroading magazines. It was not until is resized it for the blog that I noticed them.


Level 6

Found your article. Great job..Thanks..


Level 6

It looks good up there. very nice photo. Congratulations on the article. I also have an article up in the Coneca Error Scope Nov/Dec issue. Which article is yours? Mine is "The Elite Pony Tail Die Break of 1923. Thanks..

It's Mokie

Level 6

That's great news and long overdue. You did a nice job summarizing the Rosemont show. Pittsburgh is going to be a great venue in 2020. I will be there volunteering with my fellow PAN members, will provide you all with a top 10 reasons to visit Pittsburgh next August as we get closer. (:


Level 6

It is about time The Numismatist is on store selves.

Nice to see it out there.


Level 7

Good news! I have a medal with a nice train on it. Maybe more people will see it and join up. That's what we need. Thanks for the news.

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