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05 Aug 2020


Collecting Tips | Haney

Like many of you I have seen the signs indicating there is a national coin shortage. That said I have a few items of encouragement for those of us who still collect coins by finding them.

The first piece is a 1942-P wheat cent that I found recently in the reject bin in the Coinstar at the local HEB. This despite signage at the register and the entry door stating there was a change shortage though no one felt need to pick up this piece. The coin grades about VF-20 using the PCGS photograde app which is not too shabby after seventy eight years in commerce. This is not my first Coinstar find, I remember quite a few years ago pulling a handful of change out of the reject bin that just happened to included a 1963-D silver quarter. Not that you should expect to find Wheaties and 90% silver change in every bin but it is possible. Typically the coins I find are either mangled, dirty or both and many times they are foreign coins but still for the price of just checking the bin and the investment of zero dollars and zero cents can bring back that youthful feeling of finding treasure. Surprisingly too sometimes it just shiny new coins with no apparent reason why they were rejected just sitting there ready to spend if you check the bin.

The next piece for this show-n-tell was not a Coinstar bin find, but a case of a cashier making change before I could get out the correct amount. Like HEB this establishment clearly had signs posted regarding the change shortage, but before I could deposit seven dimes along with my five dollar bill I received a two dollars and thirty cents back. Oh well need to be faster next time. Not that I was upset mind you when I noticed I received a COVID quarter, which I thought would be a while with the national coinage shortage. So what the heck is a COVID quarter, well for me anyway it is the 2020 American Samoa quarter with the two bats on the obverse. Now granted bats from Samoa did not cause the COVID-19 nor is the virus a laughing matter but I think we all could use to lighten the mood these days. So for me it is the COVID quarter. No I did not get one of those West Point coins as this one was minted in Denver. Still I am happy to own one for the simple fact I could not give the cashier correct change fast enough.

I hope this encourages fellow collectors to keep looking as there is still some neat stuff out there, though it may just happen to be found in a reject bin at the local grocery store CoinStar.



Level 5

I still haven't found anything in a Coinstar :(


Level 5

Nice work! I love searching coinstars XD. Cheers, NM


Level 6

I always check those CoinStar machines! It's amazing what people leave behind ; ) Great blog!


Level 4

Nice finds! The only silver I've ever found in circulation is a silver dime. Actually my sister found it, and picked it up because it was an old one, she asked my about it and I told her that she unknowingly found a silver dime! I always check the reject bin, but haven't found anything yet.


Level 5

I always check the bin. Last week at the local grocery store I found a 1964 Kennedy Half in a very nice condition. This coin was so nice, no obvious marks, scratches, or spots that it just had to be a coin that someone was holding and finally put it in coin star or the grandkids got their hands on it. Couple of months before a 1908 Mexican Silver coin. You never know. 99.9% of the time the bin is empty but not always. Good info. Stumpy.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have found some interesting foreign coins in the coinstar bin. Always worth a look.


Level 4

Always checking spare change, reject slots, or a penny on the ground! Sometimes you can get lucky and find some silver or an error! thanks for the blog. Nice job!


Level 6

My wife and I do OK at CoinStar machines. It is amazing what people leave. Thanks.


Level 7

We still haven't felt the national coin shortage in N.Y. We do have a Fed d reserve bank about 30 minutes from me. Maybe that's why. I'm sure it will get here.


Level 4

I love finding coins to add to my collection in circulation! I need to start checking Coinstar machines because I’ve seen so many people get decent finds in them.


Level 5

I've never looked in a coinstar. Do people just leave the coins that get rejected? I came up with a way to search quarters. I put twentys in a specific change machine to look through quarters. I think they stopped it from taking twentys and now it just takes fives as the biggest note. With the change shortage, change machines even have to change how much they give out. Maybe the car wash will give me quarters to seach ?


Level 4

I do not know why people leave coins in the reject bin, I assume with the noise they just do not notice. So many times I find them empty but I have found as much as $2.82 cents in one. Typically with a foreign coin in the mix. Actually speaking of foreign coins my wife recently found a 5 cent euro and a Canadian dime in a coin star bin.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yeah I like your style! Covid quarter... Bwa ha ha hahhhh! Cool finds... I never find anything in the coin star hopper but mostly I forget to look. I should though

It makes this thing better if we can laugh about it. Still plenty of ways to find joy and treasure looking around, even during a "coin shortage"

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