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29 Oct 2019

Freak Show 1968 - IX

Coins | Haney

Hello again, I have to say selecting the freak to close with was almost harder than choosing the one to lead with. I was lucky enough to add two more members to my cast from the most recent offering of ghouls from Heritage's special offering ERROR COINS online auction in September. Despite picking up a really grotesque freak from Heritage I ended up choosing a monster of a double date I acquired during the most recent ANA show held in Texas. I really did not have my eyes quite adjusted on the dealer’s inventory when I first saw this coin in the case. I was prepared to look at a rather unusual clipped Kennedy I had seen in the dealer’s inventory online now in person, but sadly it was eclipsed by this one that I am showing you today. I even had to make that really hard choice of do I get them both or do I leave one behind. My budget not being as large as the state I reside I did have to choose one so the clipped 1968 Kennedy ended up in another's collection whereas the double date Kennedy found a new home with my troop of misfits. Of course the story is not as sad as it seems as I did leave out that I had my eye on a 1968 quarter on cent planchet in another dealer’s inventory that has a beautiful blue hue that I also took home that day. So any remorse felt for my loss should be weighed by the fact I added two members that day too, so boo-hoo for me, NOT!

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