Haney's Blog

04 Sep 2019

Freak Show 1968

Coins | Haney

As we begin to enter what I myself call the ‘Ber’ months my mind drifts to thoughts of the macabre. I enjoy seeing jack-o-lanterns staring back at me from the store shelves along with skeletons, witches, black cats and ghost traditional element seen during the October celebration of Halloween. Of course that does not mean I roam the streets in gothic attire the remainder of the year, I just have fond memories of trick-o-treat of years past. I remember well my plastic Casper mask and suit that came in that classic cardboard box probably purchased at the local PX or Kmart. That said my collecting has begun to move into the macabre with coin oddities now dominating my collection. Each one of these little freaks is unique, yes I know like everyone else, so stand apart from the millions of their brethren who did their part in everyday commerce. Obviously these curiosities caught the attention of others who saved them from the everyday wear and tear so that collectors such as myself could appreciate them.

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