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18 Oct 2021

November Numismatist

Coins | Haney

I know not my usual October blog, but thought I would share the quarter that inspired the article I wrote that appears in the November Numismatist. I know not the beauty that Caleb found to use in the graphics, but it is the one I bought at Reliable Coins. I guess too I need to update my bio as in addition to my interest in error coins of 1968 and 681 military payment certificates I have been working on completing a set of the classic commemorative coins. Which this piece and the Lafayette dollar are outliers in the set if you exclude the gold pieces. One of my favorite things about numismatics is the rabbit holes you can find while collecting. Sometimes they are just imagined like trying to guess how far a particular piece has traveled to arrive in your collection both in time and distance. This one though was a trip through history trying to discover if what I had read was fact and be reminded of somethings that I had once forgotten. There was a second one page article I developed for the TNA too during my trip down the Isabella rabbit hole. I have included a link below to the TNA site and you will find my article on page 17 of the December 2020 issue.http://www.tna.org/archive_news.htmEnjoyp.s. I want to credit Caleb the editor for the Numismatist first for providing another resource for my article and putting it together pulling additional graphics that I did not have.

18 Nov 2019

Numismatist spotted at the local B&N

Collecting Tips | Haney

I know I will be preaching to the choir here, as everyone should have seen the email that the Numismatist would be available at Barnes and Noble. To be honest I did not think my local store would have it as it is pretty small with a limited periodical section. To my surprise though there it was on the shelf adjacent other hobby magazines that also catch my interest on the front row. Did I forget to mention I am a train nut.Anyway the reason for the blog is that many in my own local club still have not joined the ANA so I have encourage the secretary to put a blurb in our newsletter in the hopes first it will at the least sell some magazines and secondly maybe increase membership. Of course I am also proud to say I have an article in this issue though no one other than myself cared in the store, but hey that is alright we are all not money nuts. So might I suggest you encourage those responsible for your local newsletter to get the word out and check your local B&N to see if it is on the shelf. Granted you may already have the magazine so do not make it a wasted trip grab a eggnog latte in the coffee shop and people watch a bit.

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