Original 18th century Maria Theresa Thalers

01 May 2015

The Maria Theresa Thalers I own that were struck between 1741 and November 1780. All thought Krause would place these coins under Austrian states they rightly belong under the title Holy Roman Empire. This is despite the fact that the coins produced 1741-1745 were not Holy Roman Empire coins. This was the time of the Austrian Succession wars. From the Austrian Hapsburg perspective the Empires crown was taken by betrayal. It returned to its rightful place in 1745.

This collection is work in progress more will be added. Value of each of the coins here ranges from a a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.



Level 5

Nice collection!


Level 6

Another beautiful collection!


Level 6

I recall seeing Maris Theresa Thalers for sale in my younger days. I wonder if they are still being minted.


Level 7

I absolutely am wild about these coins but can't afford the ones I like. The pictures are great and the blog terrific thank you.


Level 5

Very nice collection.


Level 5

You have a lot!


Level 3

Very nice collection.


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