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23 Dec 2018

Learn Your Types: Presidential Dollars

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Because of my busy week this past week, you get to read two articles in one day, this along with my article about details grades.

The Presidential Dollars, minted from 2007 to 2016, was designed by Don Everhart. The Presidential Dollar series was a series to go along with the Sacagawea and Native American series of dollars. The point of this series was to honor former presidents with a coin meant for circulation. From 2007 to 2011, these coins were intended for circulation. These coins rarely made it to circulation, so they were issued only to numismatists from 2012 to 2016. The coins weigh 8.1 grams and is composed of 77% copper, 12% zinc, 7% manganese and 4% nickel, with a diameter of 26.5 millimeters. Unfortunately, many people who are not collectors and numismatists believe these, along with the Sacagawea coins, are made of gold and think they “struck it rich” when they find one of these. I have even heard of people giving bad reviews to dealers for “lying” to them, saying that their “gold” coin was only worth a dollar! An interesting thing about these coins is something that is pretty quick to observe ­– the date is missing from either the obverse or the reverse. These coins, along with the Native American series, have a lettered edge, which is where the date, mintmark, and motto are located. Every year, the United States minted these coins honoring four former presidents each year, making it a fun, easy, and affordable series to collect. You can easily find these coins for just over face value in uncirculated condition and only slightly more in proof. To go along with this, the US minted ten dollar gold coins to commemorate the spouses of each president, known as the First Spouse series, containing 24 karat gold.

Mint Locations

P – Philadelphia

D – Denver

S – San Francisco

Key Dates

There are really very few key dates in this series that is worth much more than any other. Every year had a similar mintage number, but there are some more valuable examples. There are two varieties for Grover Cleveland, one for his first term and one for his second term. The reason for this is because he was president two separate times with Benjamin Harrison in-between. Both are worth about the same amount as any other, just over face value. In 2015 and 2016, there were reverse proof coins minted, which have a significantly higher value over the regular proof issues. The 2015-P Harry Truman Reverse Proof is worth over $100 and same for the Dwight Eisenhower Reverse Proof issue. The John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson Reverse Proof coins are worth around $50 and the 2016-P Ronald Reagan is worth slightly less. Reverse Proof coins were minted only at the Philadelphia Mint.

Should I Get A Presidential Dollar Graded?

No. Not really. They are worth barely more than face value and would cost much more to have them graded then they are worth. You can purchase coins graded in bulk cheaper, so if you want one, I would purchase it graded, not send it in to be graded.


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Level 6

I didn't care for them either...

dollar coin shave some of the most recognizable designs on them. Great article.


Level 4

Thanks :)


Level 6

Not a favorite of mine. I don't care for any of the dollar coins. Maybe some of the Sacajawea coins. I did just order a proof Innovations coin. I wanted the first year. I have no plans to buy more.


Level 4

Me neither :(

I particularly disliked the edge lettering and date, which is so small you need a magnifier to read it. Reminded me of Shell gas station tokens.


Level 4

I've never seen a Shell Gas Station token. I actually think the edge lettering is kind of cool :)

The MoKe

Level 6

Never liked these dollars at all. They looked like cheap carnival tokens from day one. I own the Washington Dollar and the Lincoln Dollar in slabs just to honor their Presidencies but I would not recommend them to anyone. I once received one in change on Santa Catalina Island, I put it in a coinstar machine with my other change a few weeks later. I am a Presidential Dollar curmudgeon.


Level 4

That's a good way to put it: "Cheap Carnival Tokens" :)


Level 6

Pres dollars were OK. Mom liked them.


Level 4

I hope she didn't think they were gold... :)


Level 7

I didn't like the Presidential Dollars. I knew there would be another set. The set is Sacagawea I like I might by them I'm retired now so I'm not really buying but the Native American Coin I like because of the different reverse before you get anything graded make sure it's worth it. It will cost you more to trade than the price of the coin. The value has to be more and if your not sure it's in a high MS don't bother fees all over the place. Shipping is more than the coin. Merry Christmas Mike


Level 4

I agree. Not the greatest series. I do like the Native American series :) I like purchasing already graded examples. That way, I don't have to deal with shipping, etc.

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