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17 Oct 2018

How To Sell An Inherited Coin Collection

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If you inherited a coin collection from a parent, grandparent,etc, you most likely want to know what to do with it. I understand that most people if not everyone reading this is going to be a serious coin collector. However, there are some tips here you can share with family members or friends in case they end up with a collection, possibly even your collection, and don’t know what todo with it.

20 Sep 2018

"Gold" Quarters

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Companies attempt to sell “gold” quarters as great future coin investments, which they are not. Because the term “gold” generally coincides with “valuable” and “precious metal,” people believe that they should be worth a significant amount and purchase gold plated coins with that thought. The problem with these, however, is that, while they are gold plated, the gold plating is incredibly thin, only thin enough to give the appearance of gold. There is nothing wrong with owning gold-plated coins, with the most common being quarters, as long as you did not spend the overpriced prices for the coins. These are real quarters, plated by a third-party service, not the official US Mint. Because of that reason, many collectors even go as far as to claim these coins are damaged.

16 Sep 2018

1915 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

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Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the most well know coin designers in the world. President Roosevelt commissioned him to redesign the gold coins of the United States. Unfortunately, Saint-Gaudens passed away in 1907 and was not able to finish all the redesigns. A student of Saint-Gaudens, Bela Lyon Pratt, was commissioned to finish the projects. Pratt was the designer of the famous Indian Head quarter eagle and half eagle coins. This was a significant change from the traditional "Liberty" design of past US gold coinage. The designs were the same on both the quarter eagle, $2.50 coin, and half eagle, $5.00 coin. The Indian Head design was preceded by the Coronet Liberty Head coin designed by Christian Gobrecht. The Indian Head design is an incredibly unique coin but caused much displeasure when the coin was initially released. The coin, instead of the traditional raised design of coins, the Indian Head coins consisted of an incuse design or a design where the devices of the coin are lower than the field. The majority of Americans were not fans of the design of this coin, mostly due to its incuse design. Some even claimed it was a health hazard because bacteria could become trapped inside the deeper spots of the coin. Regardless of the problems, the coin was a very successful type.

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