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22 Aug 2019

World's Fair of Money 2019

World's Fair of Money | iccoins

It's been quite a while since I last posted a blog post. Unfortunately, I ran out of new, unique ideas of things to write. Anyways, I finally have a new blog! Last weekend, I went to the World's Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. I went on the final day of the show, on Saturday. Unfortunately, last week was the first week of school, so I wasn't able to go to the show during the week. I really wanted to go every day of the show so I could be sure to see everything, talk to dealers, and go to the cool events. Saturday was still fun, even though many of the dealers decided to start their trek home and left either before the show on Saturday or sometime mid-day. It was nice getting in at 9:30, though. Since it was the free day for everyone, I assumed there would be a lot more people there, but even by noon, there still wasn't a super large crowd, which was quite nice.

Even though a lot of the dealers had left, there were still many dealers there and I ended up buying some cool additions to my collection. My first purchase on Saturday morning was an 1807 Draped Bust Half Cent from the dealer, Buried Treasures. The coin is in about VG condition, so not a spectacular coin, but a lot of these older half cents are in poor condition and/or are very corroded. The list price of this coin was $133.07, but I got this coin for $100. My other purchase was a lot of three coins. It was an 1819 Matron Head Large Cent, 1898 Barber Quarter, and an 1847 Braided Hair Large Cent. I originally wanted the 1847 Braided Hair Large Cent for $45. I then found the Barber Quarter for $9 and thought about buying the two. Originally, the dealer, Coins of Merritt from Watertown, New York, told me I could get the Matron Head Large Cent for $40, then decided he would just add the Barber Quarter in for free. I found the 1847 Large Cent for $30. They let me bought all three for $60, so I feel I got a pretty nice deal. This specific dealer was very nice and friendly and his wife was very nice and helpful when I was initially looking. Working with both dealers was a pleasure and I would recommend either one. As you may have noticed based on what I purchased at the show, I am working on an Early American Copper type set collection. My eventual goal is to have a Mint State collection of every type. The Liberty Cap series is probably going to be the last, since they are so rare. I purchased the Barber Quarter simply because I didn't have one in my collection. My favorite EAC type is definitely the Draped Bust Half Cents, so I'm very happy I finally have one in my collection. I also have a Classic Head Half Cent, which is my second favorite type. For those of you interested in EAC, what is your favorite coin in you collection/what is your favorite type?

For those of you who went to the World's Fair of Money, what did you see that you liked? What did you purchase? What was your favorite coin? The exhibits at the show were really neat as well and I only discovered them near the end of the show on Saturday. My favorite was probably the one that included the space coins/tokens and showed certain coins and tokens for different space travel events. I don't know what the exhibit number was or any more information, but I do remember really liking that one.



Level 5

I really want to go to the World Fair of Money sometime. Nice pickups!


Level 5

Beautiful Half Cent!!!


Level 5

I am so jealous! I really wish I could have gone, but money and time was not on my side... maybe one day after this dang covid leaves us alone.... Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You did really well!

Nice pickups!

Sounds like a nice trip. I haven't been to the WFM yet.....


Level 4

It was a nice trip. I would highly recommend it, but I understand if you don't happen to live near one of them.


Level 7

Sounds like you had a good time and had some interesting coins. Good for you. Nice pickups . You had some good deals. Sometimes the last day is the best. You can get better deals with you did. Don't give up on your goals. Lots of luck and thanks for.sharing your story.


Level 4

Thanks :) It was quite fun. I would understand the last day being the best for deals, but I think generally, smaller shows have better deals (the bigger shows tend to have the higher end coins) and when there are far fewer booths, it's not as exciting.

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