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17 Jan 2015

Coin Albums?

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I prefer the easier "display case" method but found that coin albums can save on a lot of space! Can anyone share their coin storage methods?



Level 7

I use Dansco albums for my sets. I use the lock box that holds up to thirty slabs made of strong metal and non scratch material inside. For small change he square plastics there very thick top stays on you can buy them for penny's nickels dimes quarters and half dollars. I use the coin vault for one ounce coins nd large dollars. There for nd hold twenty coins and lock at both ends nice and tight. None of my coins tone None.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have a book shelf that is filled with albums (like books) and next to that i have the red 2x2 card holders that i store my loose and coins that are in a coin flip


Level 5

I use all sorts of stuff. This "stuff" is2x2 cardboard and saflips for most of my coins, and folders that I have a lot of that coins in that series. I also have a few rolls


Level 4

I love the new slab albums for graded coins and have converted most of my collection to those. The one drawback is that the pages get scuffed and scratched so need replacements every 3-5 years, but it is a small price to pay for such a lovely display. Also I have to resubmit many of my Canadian coins that are crystallized since NGC uses fatter holders causing me to have to seal the slimmer slab albums shut.


Level 5

I have used coin capsules from Lighthouse for many years. They work well. I also use Dansco albums but have coins that toned due to the paper/cardbord construction.


Level 4

I keep them in those because it help me keep track of them like the President dollars. Also it makes them look better.


Level 5

I have a whole blog about it. You are welcome to take a look.


Level 4

Dansco and other folders. 2X2s then placed in 2x2 plastic pages and stored in a 3 ring binder.


Level 3

I use air-tites for my better or more valuable coins and the others are in saflips. I put those in intercept-shield 2x2 boxes. My graded coins are in intercept shield boxes also. Maybe a little overkill?


Level 2

I manufacture Coin album. I have been in the business since 1953. In the past when anything came out about coin albums, an old article that may have been relevant 40 years ago about storing coins in vinyl, finds it's way into the conversation. I think it's important to point out that that old myth may have been right 40 years ago, but technology has come a long way since then. I have produced 3 lines of coin albums using a special made soft/firm vinyl that has been on the market for over 30 years without a single complaint. In my opinion, it's the easiest, safest,and most economical way to store and display coins.


Level 5

I currently don't have any slabbed coins in my collection, but I have plenty of raw coins!!! For things like Morgan dollars and sets, like WWJ nickels, in Whitman 2 X 3 cases. Folders are cheap, only $4 apiece, so I use them for lower grade coins, like my V Nickels. I have an album for my wheat pennies, since I have many BU's. I m also setting up date rolls, which, of course, I keep in plastic rolls. For many coins, like proofs, silver coins, errors, rare dates, etc. I keep in cardboard 2 X 2's, and I keep them in plastic pages with 20 pockets each, specifically for 2 X 2's. This is what my collections looks like: 10 rolls of coins, 1 Whitman Album, 9 Whitman Folders, and 2" Folder for my 2 X 2 pages, and 6 Plastic 2 X 3's.


Level 6

It all depends on how the coins you are trying to display are housed. If they are "raw" I like to use a Dansco Album, like Kepi. These albums are made of Archive Grade Paper and no PVC plastic. That means they are basically INERT. The album will not react or affect your coins housed in them! One can also house there coins in good quality cardboard squares. Just be carefull where you put those staples. Then the holder can be stored in an appropriately sized cardboard box. Again, make sure everything is 'Acid Free". If ones coins are "Slabbed", Third Party Graded in plastic holders, I house them in NGC plastic boxes. These boxes accept holders from NGC, PCGS and ANACS. Usually one will end up with some combination of everything. This is all a matter of personal taste and what works best for you. Just my opinion. I could be wrong!


Level 6

I use coin albums, Dansco albums and NGC long boxes for all the slabbed coins.


Level 4

I used coins albums there easier.

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