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26 Sep 2019

2008 "Perfect" Oklahoma Quarter

Ancient Coins | JudeA

I got home today and checked the mail. I didn't expect it to come this early in the mail, but it did. I finally got my thing I won from the YN auction! The package included my quarter which is graded by NGC as being PF(70) Ultra Cameo with 90% Silver. It also had this holographic token thing in it. I don't really know what that is and if any other YN's got that could you please let me know. I also got my YN dollar requests, (YN80 total.) They also sent me a random 1 YN dollar bill, so now I have the type set to YN dollars. There is the YN100, YN50, YN20, YN10, YN5, and YN1. Also I received a 2019 D cent and a blank planchet cent in the YN dollar request form, I don't really know why I got that, but I'll take it! If you guys want to see the coin I won go to the 2019 auction catalog and it is lot #85. Happy Hunting and I hope that the other YN's will be receiving their wins soon to!



Level 6

Rank.. That's nice but as Mike says, don't let the points drive you. You are doing outstanding work. The points come from that. The points that matter. NOT from seeing how many people you can follow..


Level 6

Thanks for the update. Great feeling. Keep up all the good work you are doing...Thanks


Level 6

It is always nice to get a coin in the mail.

It's Mokie

Level 6

That sounds like an excellent haul, I will check out your winning quarter, PF70 and Silver, you cannot beat that combination.

The best part of auctions is when you get your prize and are really happy with it. That is the real thing about coin collecting - it's the fun of the search rather than the possession. It is the feeling you get when you discover something about a coin that no one else noticed, whether it is an error, a misalignment or a particularly attractive strike on a coin notorious for weak strikes. It's the learning something new and the pleasure of sharing your knowledge with others. Join clubs, go to shows, talk to dealers and collectors - each will add to your store of knowledge and you will also have made a friend.


Level 7

Congratulations on your winning. I'm glad you got them already. As far as your rank. You can be lower for years. Because not to many are active. But we're I stand it will tell you. I'm not trying to disappoint you but it can take years to get to another level. It's based on those active. Don't worry about it you don't want to know I think it's ten thousand points to move up a level. Worry about your work. That's important. Not points just stay active. Your doing great. Don't get caught up in points they come with good work. When you do good work!!


Level 4

With the points from this blog post, I have finally made it into the top 100 people with the most points! I currently rank #99!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Congrats Jude A, keep it up and you will be nipping at Mike's heels in a zillion years or so. Seriously, just keep doing what your doing, you have the respect of all us old timers.

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