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17 Mar 2020

Book Review - A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

Paper Money - United States | JudeA

This book is called, A Guide Book of United States Paper Money - 6th Edition. It was written by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg. The book focuses on all United States paper money, new and old. The book starts out by giving an introduction over the $2 bill, giving the history of this obscure bill. It then proceeds to tell how and where paper money is printed, and different ways to collect them. Then It gives information on the history of paper money in the United States, and things like star notes and the orange seal notes with "HAWAII" printed on them. The book then gives the approximate values on all US paper money, starting with the $1 bill and ascending in value up until the $100,000 note. The book gives a little part on collecting say $20 notes, before telling the values of the $20 notes. The book then gives the values of things like fractional currency, and error notes. This book is just like the Red Book, but for currency collectors. If you are beginning to collect currency, or if you are more experienced and need a value list, this is a great book. Overall, I am happy with this book and will continue to read and explore the world of US currency.



Level 6

That's a good book for currency collectors to own. I have one and use it quite a bit. I have since gotten into Confederate currency so I had to get that one. Currency has many, many branches one can specialize in. Thanks. Good blog.


Level 6

If you collect paper money, probably a good reference guide.


Level 4

I don't collect much paper money, but find that books like these are interesting.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I recently bought a book titled Hawaiian Money, it has inspired me to by a Hawaiian Dime and a Hawaii Overprint Dollar Bill. Interesting how our hobby leads us in different directions.


Level 5

Will probably purchase the latest edition for my personal library. I haven't really collected paper money other than those silver certificates and 2 dollar bills, , but see paper money at auction or for sale. Really like the art work on paper money. Would be nice to have some information so I could bid with some knowledge of what it is and what it may be worth. I am interested in national bank notes. Would like to acquire a couple national bank notes of specific locations. thanks for the informative post.


Level 7

I did not get into cash that much a few civil war notes and some like the horse blanket Star notes I have a set from them from the dollar to the five to the ten to the twenty the fifty and the hundred. Missing the two!! I found those out of ATM. If In song get any unlikely re- deposit the cash and add a buck. That was fun I still look at change for them. Got a few. Thanks

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