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03 Aug 2020

Book review - Coin Clinic, by Alan Herbert

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Coin Clinic was written by Alan Herbert. It basically is filled with 1001 questions that people mailed to him, and he made a book out of them. The book has 56 chapters all containing different types of questions! The chapters are things like what different abbreviations mean, or famous hoards of coins, or illegal to own coins. I actually learned so much from this book. I only knew about ¼ of the abbreviations in the abbreviations section, and some of the chapters contained stuff I had never heard of before. One section was entirely devoted to the Blake and Co. $20 Copies, which I had never heard of before, and what I gathered is that it’s another very valuable $20 gold piece, and that there are numerous copies of it that fool people regularly. It turns out one such piece was subject to a lawsuit between different members in a family, but the coin turned out to be a fake! Another thing I learned is that the speediest work by the government in passing the law for a new coin was the copper and nickel 3 cent coin, which was passed in just one day! This book has so many facts about coins, and contains literally hours of reading material. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who has been collecting for a couple of years. It was a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!



Level 4

Hey, if you like that one there is a Coin Clinic 2 by the same author. I would also recommend any of the Bowers companion series books. His books are compilation of articles that once appeared in his own house organ Rare Coin Review. The first volume is the Numismatist's Bedside Companion. There are eight volumes I am aware of.


Level 6

Now that sounds like a fun, relaxing book to read. Thanks Jude. I may check this one out.


Level 6

Years ago when I did the newsletter for the local club, I would use this book for fillers.


Level 5

I dont collect Kennedy Halves either. I do have 10 uncirculated 1970-D Kennedy halves that I bought years ago thinking they would be worth something. Otherwise the book 1001 sounds like a great read.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm not buying Kennedys unless they were circulated years. The obverse is ho hum, another president in profile, no matter how photogenic he was. BUT.... the reverse! Wow! Posssibly my favorite reverse design of all. A book like that will always teach you a few things you probably didn't know. Thanks for the review

It's Mokie

Level 6

Okay, I have a coin question, can anyone answer? Does anyone really care about collecting Kennedy Halves now that they are non-circulating. Inunderstand the dollar coins are also non-circulating but they are at least changing their reverse designs annually. Why, why bother making the same old Kennedy Half every year, they have not been made for actual circulation for over 30 years?


Level 6

No desire for Kennedy's. I will know be crucified.

I don't care about the Kennedies, Unless they are silver, and then only if they are a high enough grade, proof, sms etc. I think this year, or 2024 may be the last year they legislated it for, so it would be nice to see if they will change it.

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