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16 Mar 2020

Book Review - Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties The VAM Keys

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This book is called, Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties - The VAM Keys. It was written by Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman in 2009. This book focuses on the top 100 Morgan Dollar VAMs. It is a very informative book that explains everything great. It explains what exactly a VAM is, different ways to collect them, tools that you should have to collect them, and other helpful info. The book gives pictures and information on all of the Top 100 VAMs. The chapter has detailed die markers and tells exactly where to find the VAM. If you are a beginning VAM collector and want to know the ropes then this is a great book. The book is also good for advanced collectors who want a more in depth guide. The book is tiny and sturdy as well. It is a spiral bound book, so you can lay it open when searching for VAMs. Overall, this book is a real help for me and any serious or beginning VAM collector.



Level 7

We say buy the book before the xioms. Yes we can do that but the perfect match is. The book and ask Lonstrider. It sounds like a show. ? It would probably work out fine.


Level 6

That is a great choice Jude. I also have this book. I wish they made one like it for Peace dollars. It is very handy to have at a show, assuming we have those again. Great blog on a great book. Thanks.


Level 4

I saw that this book was included in your sources for your latest article for CONECA!


Level 5

I don't have the patience to collect VAM's although I do enjoy Longstrider's blogs about them. As you mentioned, I would have to buy them already slabbed and attributed.


Level 5

Have not collected VAM's. I would like to learn more about them and maybe collect a couple top VAM's. This blog post made me look for my 1976 edition of " The Comprehensive Catalogue of U.S. Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis. Thanks for the post and making me remember my 1976 edition. My best bet to acquire a VAM is to purchase a graded VAM that has already been found for me. thanks

It's Mokie

Level 6

We are fortunate to have our own VAM expert as a regular contributor to this site. Longstrider has several blogs about VAMS and has also published articles in the ErrorScope (The CONECA magazine). He's gotten me interested in Peace Dollar VAMs. Anyone interested in VAMS would be well advised to read Longstrider's blog and Friend him.

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