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04 Sep 2019

Free CONECA membership!

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WOW. In this addition of Your Newsletter, the organization CONECA, Combined Organization of Error Coin Collectors of America, offered YN's a FREE subscription to the Errorscope, their bimonthly publication! I think it is great that they are doing this for YN's, I have been wanting a subscription to this for a while! I don't know if you will get it in the mail, or by email, or if you will get the free error coin or variety they promise, but all the same, I am very excited to receive my first edition of Errorscope!



Level 6

Sounds great. Enjoy learning about errors.


Level 6

It is a very good publication. A must for error coin collectors. I wish I got a free subscription. Thanks and enjoy..

It's Mokie

Level 6

I just joined CONECA myself recently as an Old Numismatist. Great Club and Great Publication.


Level 4

yes, I signed up too. but I have been waiting for 5 days and still no reply )-: hopefully soon!


Level 4

Hmmm... The people have already responded to my email, maybe yours didnt get sent all the way? I emailed them about 2 weeks ago about something else, and they still haven't responded back to that. Maybe some of the messages don't get sent through?

It is a great opportunity that has been offered in the YN Newsletters. Hope you enjoy it!

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