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03 Oct 2019

Monthly YN auction glitch?

Coins | JudeA

I was on my email and I got an email for the monthly YN auction. The struck through penny looked cool so I went to go place a bid on it. I went to the YN auction tab and it doesn't show any lots on it. Can anyone else see the lots, or is this a real glitch? I emailed Sam about it, should be resolved soon. Comments?



Level 7

I guess that makes me the oldest. I probably aged out 60 years ago. Good luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I hope you get that Lincoln, although that Australian Florin is also pretty sweet. I am like Longstrider, aged out about 44 years ago. LOL


Level 4

Ok! Sam replied back said it was a glitch he fixed it.


Level 6

It shows the 2 lots for me. Try again now and good luck. Both are nice choices. I like errors and Australian coins. Good think I aged out about 50 some years ago.🐍

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