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21 Aug 2019

Roll searching - Part 1

Coins | JudeA

Well, I went to the bank and bought $25 of pennys. I have had some luck with this before, but nothing notable. I buy the cents, and am heading home and decide to see if I can spot and enders. I look at them and am VERY disappointed. All of the rolls show 2019 D cents. I get home, crack open a roll, and sure enough, all 2019 D's. Disappointing, but a learning experience nonetheless.



Level 4

i like hunting quarters


Level 4

I happens. Don't give up.


Level 6

It happens. Some people go for coins that are brought in by regular folks. Not machine rolled. I have not had any luck that way. I just buy a box and sit down with it. Very relaxing. One time a guy was in front of me cashing in 2 rolls of Kennedy's.I bought them right back and went through them right in the bank. Nothing. He was a collector. After a while the tellers will recognize you and may set stuff aside for you..Goodluck..


Level 6

Maybe you obtain some nicely struck coins out of the new rolls.

It's Mokie

Level 6

But the next time you do this, who knows, just keep plugging along , I truly believe there are great Lincoln rarities sitting in mayonnaise jars all over America waiting to be toted to the bank by heirs and returned to circulation, not ever 55 DDO has been accounted for.

well, you could just take a few examples out, in case they become valuable, replace them with a couple other cents, then exchange the rolls for different ones. Granted, it won't change the disappointment of this time, but at least you haven't lost money.


Level 7

By the time your my age and put them in a safe place then they will be with money. Grades MS 67 and higher red color. Your talking a lot of money. This guy before he died called Rick Tamaska . They called him Harry the Hoarder. He had bought cents like you kept the safe. Rick went through thousands bought them all and made a fortune. Left them in rolls or in plastic these were from the thirties graded MS 67,68 69. And Rick sold them all. The whole thing. Harry put them away and forgot about them. But remembered I'm glad he did . So we're the collectors.


Level 4

oof, I've had that happen before it definitely is disappointing!


Level 4

Yes very disappointing, hopefully next time will go better.

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