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09 Sep 2019

Roll searching - Part 3

Coins | JudeA

I went to the bank and got another penny box. The tellers there recognized me and said they had something for me. Someone had dropped off 12 steel cents and they had saved them for me. I thanked them and went home, and checked them out. One 1943 was in mint state with great luster, and the others were all black. One of each mintmark, and 8 of the D. I checked for the D over D variety but didn't find one. I opened the box and here's what I found.

Wheat Cents - 6: The oldest was a 1926 and the oldest that I have ever found!

Lincoln Bicentennials - 6 keepers: I found 9, but I only keep the problem free coins, one of them was infested with mildew.

Foreign Coins - 5 canadians

Other - More copper coins, a stack of 2017 P and a stack of S mint mark coppers (1968-1974)A pretty good box. Question for this blog is, do you keep your S mint marked cents and 2017 P cents?



Level 5

I keep s mint pennies


Level 6

It is always nice when the bank tellers remember you and set things aside. Happens when you roll hunt sometimes. Great finds. I admit to keeping copper cents. I guess we all have our hoards. Thanks for the photo. At least someone read my thread...


Level 4

Haha! I actually put the photo up because of your thread :D

Wow, that is a nice bank! Have you acquired all the mintmarks for 'steelies'?


Level 6

It is nice the bank tellers keep you in mind. Not all banks would deep things on the side for collectors.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Interesting assortment, if you already have good examples of the Lincoln Bicentennial Cents, why are you keeping extras? Seems like they will never be worth any more than a 2008 or 2010 for example.


Level 4

Anything in 2009 has a lower mintage than usual, and I primarily collect Lincoln Bicentennials, so I look on them for varieties, and then keep them. Kinda a horder of them ;)


Level 4

good finds, although I am a bit confused on the steel coins part? how had someone dropped of steel cents, like did they receive money for them or did they just return them to the bank just because they did not look like pennies?


Level 4

They said that a collectors daughter dropped them off, maybe she didn't know what they were, even though steel cents aren't typically valuable. Maybe meant to be a coin drop to?

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