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02 Jun 2020

Roll searching - Part 6

Coins | JudeA

Just went through another penny box today, and I've gotta say, it was definitely one of the worse ones. Here are the finds.
Wheat Cents - 3 Yup, only 3 wheat cents in this box. My average is usually 5 or 6 per box.
Lincoln Bicentennials - 16 Pretty good box for these, I also think I may have found an error, which is good.
2017 P - 6 I have started to just grab these if I see them, and not search for them like I search for wheat cents or such, there were probably more in the box, but I don't want to flip every shield cent.

Other coins - I had a pile of coins that I was going to check for numerous different errors, mostly wide and close AM coins, but didn't find anything.



Level 3

Never got a box pennys before.


Level 1

I don't think I've ever heard of that much bad luck in a box of pennies before, ever. Bought $4, 8 rolls 2 days ago, 2 1910's, 1919, 1923 s, 1930, multiple 40 and 50's. Admittedly, that was one of the better 8 rolls in awhile, but 3 wheat cents in a box sounds like Guinness World record stuff, what's the odds? LOL Jude A, the law of averages say the next box you search, your gonna knock em dead.. Good luck in the future, bad luck is already out of the way, May you only find THREE shields in the next box, a couple of the 'same ol same ol' 82d's, and all the rest Wide AM's and Cams, 1972 dd, 1931S and a potential MS67 of your birthdate! Keep on having fun, thanks for sharing "The Story', good stuff.


Level 6

Sometimes you win sometimes you loose. Never give up..

the funniest thing is finding Canadian cents, although on one or two occasions I found a sailboat dime. The best one though was a 1 cent from some eastern european nation (or was it India? or an island?, lol, I should probably look this one up)


Level 5

Thanks for the update on your recent search. I used to search rolls when I was a kid. Found a lot more wheat cents and war nickels back then. I need to search a box of something. Do you banks mind asking for a box of cents? How many are in a box? I might try this sometime.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I don't have the patience or eyesight to be anywhere near as ambitious as you. Even though your haul was a bit meager this time, I applaud your efforts and appreciate your report.


Level 7

Unfortunately thats the wy it works. There are good boxes and bad boxes.. Buy half and work it that way. . Maybe you will get luckey that way. If you see shinny new cents ask them if they have older ones. That are not shiny. They might have just received a delivery. Next timenyou get them. . Lots of luck.

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