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16 Sep 2019

5th Annual YN Auction!

Coins | JudeA

September 14th marked the 5th, (my first) annual YN auction! I messed up my 6 day blogging streak, but it was totally worth it. The bidding increments were a huge help, and I feel like, based on what other YN's said, that this auction went a lot faster than the others. This auction took 4 hours. There were some amazing lots this year. The gold coin broke records when it sold for 4.7k YN dollars. I didn't get my first pick of what to get, which was the 4 coin set of PF(70) Lincoln Bicentennial coins. I did get something, a 2008 Oklahoma Silver PF(70) Ultra Cameo, which was my 2nd pick. I would like to thank the ANA for putting this together, especially Sam Gelberd for sitting in front of a camera for 4 hours, reading off lots for the YN's! Overall I had a great experience and will be back next year!

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