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22 Sep 2019

Trip to the coin shop - #1

Coins | JudeA

I went to my local coin shop today. I hadn't been there in a while so I didn't know what to expect. I forgot to bring my early S mint marked cents to trade for a '14 D. I walked in and looked at the table of random things they have. It usually has some Lincoln Bicentennials and I buy those. Lo and behold, the table has a mint sealed box of LP3 pennys, the item I was looking at on eBay, and it was only priced at $2! They are priced at $10 each on eBay, and this was only $1 above face value! I also bought a 10x Wide Field H.E. Haris Loupe. I bought the pennys I needed to fill up my album, a '47 s, a '48 s, and a 1949 s. That was it the total came to $20. I am really happy with this visit as I got more Lincoln Bicentennials to add to my ever growing collection!

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