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13 Oct 2019

Book Review - A Guide Book to Lincoln Cents, by Q. David Bowers

ANA Library | JudeA

I am a collector of Lincoln Cents, and I needed a good guide book to help me in my endeavors. After some searching, I chose, "A Guide Book to Lincoln Cents," as my guide. This book is literally packed with all different kinds of information. There are different sections, each about an area of Lincoln cents. One area has all of the history that lead up to the production of the cent. Another gives you very helpful tips on how to be a smart buyer of lincoln cents. Another area shows how to grade them. Probably my favorite area is the date-by-date analysis of all the different dates of the entire Lincoln cent series. It includes pricing, and interesting information about the date. Also, my favorite, sharpness, it tells you whether the coin is usually struck weakly, and then if it is you can cherry pick strong struck coins. It provides more errors and varieties than the Red Book, which is helpful for quick access and lookup for a potential variety. I recommend that, if you actively collect Lincoln cents, you should have a copy of this book.

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