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10 Sep 2019

Annual YN Auction

| JudeA

Well guys, the YN auction is 4 days away. I am so excited, this is my first year doing this. First of all, let me just say how great the ANA staff is on putting all of this together! They do all of this for the YN's, and it has really helped me be more interested in coins. In this blog, I am going to be highlighting what I think are the coolest things in the auction.Lot #1 - 1828 Half cent: Even though this is in terrible condition and has enviormental damage, it is still an almost 200 year old coin. If you are looking for something old or to impress your friends with, then this is a great coin. Open is only YN10Lot #3 - 1909 VDB Brilliant Uncirculated: What a beauty! This coin would definitely get a high grade by anyone! It is a semi key date in the Lincoln cent series and a high grade coin. One of the lots I am looking forward to. Open is YN50Lot #30 - 1893 Morgan Dollar: A key date to the Morgan Dollar series, it has been cleaned. But if you collect Morgan Dollars this would be a great way to obtain this pricey example. Open is YN100!Lot #51 -1927-B SWITZERLAND 20 FRANCS – CHOICE BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED: Sorry for caps, but I was to Lazy to type all of that out. As always, sometimes the highlight of the auction! The gold coin! This year the coin has almost 1/5 of an ounce of gold. After the intermission make sure to be there if you want to bid on this. Open is YN250!Lot $90 - 1960 proof set with small date penny: The small date penny was HOT on the market in the '60s. It has cooled down, but it is much scarcer than the large date penny. It is also a relivitaly old proof set. Nice coins, proof set collectors take notice! Open is YN60Lot #99 Series 1953 $5 Silver Certificate: I always find old notes interesting, and here is an old(ish) $5 silver certificate. Perfect for the bank note collector, also the only US bank note offered this year. Open is YN10Lots #101-110 Grab Bags!: I would recommend buying one of these, I don't know what is in them, so if anyone wins one, could they please share what you got? You can only get one of these if you did not get ANYTHING from the auction. Open is YN25 and they all went for YN300 and YN250 last year.That's it for this blog. Good luck all YN's!Question for the blog - If you could own one coin, what would it be?

04 Sep 2019

Free CONECA membership!

Coins | JudeA

WOW. In this addition of Your Newsletter, the organization CONECA, Combined Organization of Error Coin Collectors of America, offered YN's a FREE subscription to the Errorscope, their bimonthly publication! I think it is great that they are doing this for YN's, I have been wanting a subscription to this for a while! I don't know if you will get it in the mail, or by email, or if you will get the free error coin or variety they promise, but all the same, I am very excited to receive my first edition of Errorscope!

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