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17 Oct 2019

YN Auction Wins!

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I finally won a monthly YN auction! I won the October auction, lot #1. This was a struck through penny. I am not really sure what it is struck through, but I think it is at the top on the obverse. I will put a picture on here, please leave comments on what you think it is. You can also see the coin on the YN auction part of this website. Please tell me what you think this coin is!



Level 6

What a great addition to lyour collection!


Level 6

Nice win. Here is PCGS's definition: struck thru An error caused by a foreign object that got between the dies and the planchet when a coin was struck. A common Struck Thru error is a piece of wire that leaves an indentation that is usually mistaken for a scratch.


Level 7

That's a nice pick up. Mms sure you protect it. Keep the color.

I am by far one who should not make definitive comments about errors, but I think the strike-through is the depression between the N and G in the motto. From the photo it does not appear to be d delamination, which would have sharper appearing edges and even roughness in the floor of the delamination. I would guess that there was something on either the obverse die or on the planchet when it went through the press. The pressure is so great that even a hair will leave as clear a grove as a piece of steel wire. Even without the error you got a really lovely clean cent. You can be proud of you bid. Good luck in future auctions.


Level 4

Guys where do you think the strike through is on this?

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice J/A, that looks to be a very attractive and Old cent with a nice color, the error just adds to its specialness.


Level 4

how much did you bid on it?


Level 4


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