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09 Dec 2017

*1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern*

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I added this unique piece to my collection a few months ago when I won it at auction!   I think this coin is so cool!  It is a 1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern Coin.  Pointed Rays, Small US.   This one is graded by PCGS as Genuine with Environmental Damage-VF Detail.   I researched for more information on this piece, but didn't find out to much.   What I did learn was that it represents one of the first patterns for coinage in the United States.  It was designed by Benjamin Dudley for Gouverneur Morris to carry out his ideas for a decimal coinage system.  These pattern pieces were the first attempt at a decimal ratio and were the forerunners of our present system of money values.  Ultimately these coins never advanced beyond the pattern stage. These all had the date of 1783.  That's it folks...and most of that came from the Red Book.  All I know is that is beautiful and very old!  If anyone can add more information about this coin please feel free to do so.  Thanks for your comments!



Level 5

That's a great coin. I have three US colonials and they all have environmental damage. A lot of these have been dug out of the ground so that doesn't surprise me. You should be able to find more information on it in Eric Newman's book on colonials.


Level 7

I own many many coins over two hundred and fifty years old all in mint state. Also made of copper. Tell me what type of environmental damage. I know it's a picture but most of the time it's obvious. One Coin said environmental damage. I knew it we caused by the steam press. Called the grader and they agreed. They said send it back. I didn't. It was also graded unc. I told them I will take it out of the holder and get a wonderful price for it. There human they make mistakes. Mike


Level 6

Great, historical coin! Any collector would be pleased with this. Environmental damage...on a coin over 200 yrs old...yes, I think so. This coin looks very desirable to me.


Level 6

That is a great item. Congratulations.


Level 6

That is a nice coin/pattern. I would love to hear from PCGS as to what the problem is. I,personally, believe we let them get away with with being soooooo vague!! Just my opinion. I could be wrong. Call them up and let us know!!!

Nice piece, I have one as well. "Environmental Damage" is seen a lot with colonials, and i take it with a grain of salt. I believe it is in regard to many of these pieces being improperly stored, or exposed to the elements (weather and or temperature) or even buried. Add to that excessive wear. I kind of like having wear on a colonial. Imagine the stories it could tell.


Level 7

Very nice coin! Surprised to see one. I hate these third party graders. You think they would tell you what environmental damage. I think it looks great. They should at least say what it is or leave it off the label. Nice pick up good for you. I would enjoy that coin. But I have to disagree with these company's sometimes I think they like putting bad things on the label. What's wrong with very fine . Leave it at that. Congratulations enjoy it. I'm glad you got it and thanks for sharing it with us. Mike

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