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24 Nov 2021

"Sometimes Letter Writing Does Work!"

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share this letter I received from my Congressman, Jay Obernolte, 8th District, California. Back on August 19th, I.R. Bama wrote a blog about writing to our Congressmen and Representatives in the government about the U.S.Mint and the ongoing problems with availability on new-releases...etc... Anyway I thought what the heck and took the time to write to my Representative. I wanted I'd share his letter and thoughts with you guys here on this blog. Comments are always welcome!Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! ; )



Level 4

Good Job! The mint is just cares about money not the coin collectors :( . Happy Thanksgiving!


Level 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Nice of him to right you back, although it just sounds like a huge commercial for the mint and himself. Still, if it comes up from other people of power, he might be on our side.


Level 5

Kepi, what a wonderful reminder that these people serve at our pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to remind your congressman of that fact.


Level 6

Hey, I am still waiting for a reply. I guess we know who his favorite is. Good job!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

We all know why he picked her first! Lol! She's our first Lady of coins!


Level 5

You go girl ! Thanks for your efforts to “get things done” ! I also hope this will bring about change at the U.S. Mint. I am thankful today for friends like YOU ! Thanks for sharing your information !


Level 7

Your the best!! However he's just another polition. His line I will keep my thoughts. Thoughts!! Why can't be say I will talk with my colleagues on this problem. . Some spin. I got the same type letter . It was shredded. At least you did somthing.. It's the Treasury Department we have to write to. They determine mintage and prices. Good work!🍗 Happy Thanksgiving


Level 6

Thanks for taking the time to write your Congressman.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for sharing this! Now ask him how he will help! Girl, you made my day! You are making a difference!

AC coin$

Level 5

This is proactive action . Congratulations Kepi good job .


Level 5

Very nice letter. Looks like your Congressman put some time and effort into it. I may look into the subscription.

I hope that helps he U.S. mint change it’s prices.

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