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22 Oct 2015

"A Quarter For Your Thoughts"

Coins-United States | Kepi

I thought I'd do something crazy and try my luck on two $500 bank boxes of rolled quarters...that's a thousand dollars or four thousand quarters!!! This turned out to be alot of fun and what I found was very enlightening...I found nothing!!! No silver, no errors, no tokens, no slugs...nothing... All that said, I'd do it again. Winter is coming and a project that involves coins, a glowing fireplace and a hot toddy sounds pretty good!



Level 6

Thanks for the warning! I was going to do this!


Level 3

I LOVE searching rolls of cents. I sort out the copper, wheat, Canada, etc. HAVE FUN!

What was the best quarter you found? A BU...


Level 4

keep on opening those roles.


Level 7

One of the most favy thing's I like to do. I don't care if there Penny's or nickles. Probably the best way to pass time!thanks mike

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

This really made me smile.


Level 5

Better luck next time time.


Level 4

Wow 1000 dollars in quarters?!?! You are filthy rich! But nothing is not anything! If that happens again, you'd have 2000 dollars but no finds! But even more rich! Keep up the good work.


Level 5

That's must have been REALLY heavy!!!


Level 5

Well, that is reality! To be honest, half dollars and nickels are usually the most profitable in coin roll hunting, as half dollars produce both 40 percenters and post-2001 collector issue halves; however, pre-1965 halves are rare finds. Nickels turn up buffalo nickels, war nickels, and even a rare V Nickel sometimes (like, once every 50,000 nickels, and I am not exaggerating!)


Level 5

Who wants to bet that the person who got the next roll after Kepi ended up with a roll of nothing but silver?


Level 4

Wow,wow and wow again! 1000 bucks in Quarters!!


Level 5



Level 5

Usually something pops up when your sorting that many coins. Every once in a while I buy large bulk lots of world coins. It is cool what turns up. Of course sometimes nothing turns up also.


Level 6

WOW!! Nothing??? Well at least you have the $1000.00 to rotate around!!!!Just keep Looking! Never Give up!!!! It will happen!!


Level 5

That is a bummer, but hey who knows, persistence might pay off one day!

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