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07 Oct 2018

**An Eye Catcher**...

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    Sometimes when you visit your favorite coin shop you have nothing particular in mind that your looking for.  No list, no hole filler, no "just released" special coin or set.   I thought today will be that day when I will not spend "Money on Money"... Although one of my husbands favorite things to say when it comes to buying coins  "Nothing wrong with that"   ; )   A relaxed day of chatting with your coin dealer, just shooting the breeze.  Browsing around and then something catches your eye...   For me it wasn't shiny silver or gleaming with luster like the other beautiful coins around it.  Nope for me it shone dark with years of age and tone.  But what was it?  Truthfully I couldn't tell from where I was.  To my surprise it was a 1952 Franklin Half Dollar.  A Franklin???   Now I haven't had much interest in Franklin's  before, no particular reason why.    After a moment of pondering... Hmmm...  A Franklin...  I loved this coin!  It would look great in my collection!  This must have been meant to be, as I was not looking to pick up anything this trip...  I think my new Franklin picked me!  So much for making plans, especially at the Coin Shop!   Thanks for reading my blog.  Comments are welcomed  ; )


Teacher Brian

Level 3

The coin is great for many reasons (I like Ben Franklin), and your writing is really great, very nice story-telling!


Level 4

Really nice coin! I'm the same way, never really been big into Franklin's, but that one does have a nice, unique look to it :) I do that often, go to shows or the dealer and not buy anything. I just go there to look around :)


Level 6

That is a real beauty. I remember using Franklin's. Great blog. Maybe you should go to your coin store more often. That way you can work on your self control. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have no willpower, If I am at a Con or coin shop, SOMETHING is going to get bought. LOL


Level 6

Never collected Franklins but they would be and interesting series to collect. Did pick up a proof 1957 a couple years ago , just above bullion value.


Level 7

I love Franklin's. I have been been collecting all the proofs and MS . It's a beauty of a coin. The MS are harder than the proofs in great condition it sad they didn't have a chance to finish his series. Great pick up well done. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing it. Mike

Yes, looks like some antique finish, showing its age after all these years. I am glad you were able to pick this up.


Level 6

The 1st set I was serious abt completing was Franklin halves. That is a good-looking coin.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I like the coin too. It has a rustic feeling.

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