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03 Aug 2018

**Another Wolf For My Pack**

Coins-World | Kepi

I would like to share with all of you my latest addition to my collection!  First let me thank CoinLady, as she is the one who brought the existence of this coin to my attention.  I had written a blog on July 28th  titled "Wolves or Wolfs???" and because of her comment to my blog I was able to find this beauty of a coin and yes, a Wolf!  It's a 1967  .50 cent piece from Canada in 80% silver.  A Circulating Commemorative Coin for the 100th Anniversary of Canada.  The obverse has the profile of Elizabeth ll, when she was just 39 years of age.  The engraver is Arnold Machin.  The reverse depicts a howling wolf with the inscription 50 cents, "Canada"  1867-1967.  The engraver being Alex Colville.  This beautiful example has a Proof-Like finish and some amazing blue toning.  This just goes to show how the members here inspire, help and show interest in each other.    Thanks for reading my blog.  Comments are always welcome!    



Level 5

Beautiful coin. It's nice to have a themed collection.


Level 6

Glad you found this beautiful coin! The 1967 set is lovely. My fav is the $1 with the flying goose. I'm a bird lover.

The 1967 Canada Centennial set was always a favorite of mine. I wish the U.S. Mint did the same with our coinage back in 1976, instead of honoring only the quarter, half, and dollar coins.

I have the 1967 lynx, a wonderful bicentennial series. Glad the ANA's blog helped you find the next piece in your wolf pack.


Level 6

Beautiful toning. Canadian coin of 1967 are nice looking coins.


Level 7

Beautiful that's why reading comments is so important. I'm glad you did it's a nice one it's brought you many years of happiness and it doesn't have to be in your hands. You think back to it at times and you think about it. It will bring many happy more.


Level 6

That's a beautiful coin. The blue toning is spectacular. To help inspire you even more, there is a Centennial Wolf; 2017 Version of this coin in 9999 silver. 1967-2017 Commemorative. Make sure you are sitting down when you check the price. Not many around! Good Luck and thanks for sharing.

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