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11 Mar 2020

**Attention All YN's**

Young Numismatists Exchange | Kepi

Hey all you YN's out there... I was reading through the latest edition of ErrorScope Magazine, March/April 2020, and came across this article! Sounds really cool! I wish they would have a challenge for us "old guys"... haha Check it out. Write your best story, send it in and maybe win a prize! Just for everyone's information, a CONECA membership with the ErrorScope is available for free to all YN's as part of the YN program.
I also wanted to mention that there's a great article on the same page about a 1882 O/S Morgan Dollar Vam 5 by you guessed it our very own "Vam Man"... Longstrider!

Young Numismatists Program

by Logan Wostyn

Hello everyone! Let’s do another article challenge. Write an article that’s 250 words or more on the last coin show you attended and what you purchased. The best article will receive a prize that will be certified errors and loupe and scales.



Level 4

I got a membership free from Your Newsletter. CONECA has been a great experience. It is the perfect club for me since I love errors and varieties. I have so far won a contest for YN's and also written an article about 2009 DDR cents!


Level 5

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. It's great when organizations do this.

Mike B

Level 6

They are the future and will be than standard bearer for this great hobby. It's to bad the the are not reading this. Hopefully word will get out. Thanks


Level 4

Will tell my coin club YN's about this to see if they know about it. Thanks for the information.


Level 5

Nice job of getting the word out to the YN's


Level 5

This is an excellent opportunity for YN's and the free membership can't be beat!


Level 6

Great blog Kepi and thanks for the plug. I saw this add in the Error Scope and am very happy you chose to point it out and blog about it. I can't believe the YN's get a free member ship. I wish I did. CONECA is a great Organization/Club. All you Yn's should be members. It is fun and adds to roll hunting. Good Job and Thaks!


Level 5

NICE!!!Always good to see programs for our YNs. After all, us old guys have to sell our collections some day and you YNs are our future benefactors. (:

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