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27 May 2019

**Coin Show Treasure**

Medals-So-Called Dollars | Kepi

Last weekend I was happy to find myself in Las Vegas attending a coin show that I has been looking forward to for quite sometime. The Las Vegas Numismatic Society's 56th Coin Show. It was a smaller venue about 100 vendors, just right for me! There was so much to see and lots of variety. Coins, currency, commemorative's, medals, gold, silver, books, supply's... they had it all! I went with a list and a budget in mind and manged to stick to it pretty good. I did find this Medal from a dealer way in the back corner and thought it would make a nice addition to my collection. It's a "So-Called Dollar" from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (Montana). San Francisco. Made of bronze, weight of 32.02 gm. and is 32 mm. It was for the State Dollar Fund of Montana. The obverse shows Winged Victory standing on the prow of a ship holding a laurel wreath out before her. There are exposition buildings, a riverboat and hills in the background. The reverse depicts a Montana scene with mountains, a stream, mining tools and a rising sun. Happy with this great find, I was off to the next vendors table where who knows what I might find! Buffalo Nickels perhaps...??? But that's the next blog... ; ) haha Hope you enjoyed my blog. All comments are welcomed.


I like the design. Could this medal be submitted for grading?

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Wonderful design on the medal.

I like the earlier medals, such as the one pictured. Later medals, such as the World's Fair's of the 1960's and 70's, just didn't have the sparkle.


Level 4

Very nice medal and blog! Thank you, and blessings!


Level 6

Fantastic medal. Can't wait to hear what else you picked up. Ain't it funny how many coin shows happen after tax time??


Level 4

Sounds like a great show! Nice medal find. I can't wait to hear about your other finds at this show.


Level 7

Great medal!! They made these going back years all over the world. You have the one that was the medal of the exposition. Many are made but only one represents it. Nice find. Now I'm going to have to spend. Thanks for your sharp eye. It kinda of reminds me of mercury dimes!!. Kevin great shape. Thanks rd sharing it with us. I enjoyed it very much.


Level 6

Nice looking medal. It is nice you made it to a "small" show. When I lived in the Omaha area, if you had 50 dealers, it was agood size show. I thought about going to the LV show some time.

Beautiful design!

It's Mokie

Level 6

That is a wonderful find. I love all the design elements. Can't wait to hear about that next table.


Level 5

That's a beautiful medal. Right up my alley.

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