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06 Apr 2018

**It's Raining 2018 D's**

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After waiting for months and checking change with every transaction...finally...finally...     I found a 2018 D Lincoln Cent and a 2018 D Roosevelt Dime and on the same day!  I was beginning to wonder if the Mint sent any out to the great western states!  As soon as I saw these I just knew...they screamed shiny and new!   This is a silly short blog, but I really was excited to find these!   Thanks!  Comments are welcomed.



Level 4

Good for you, thanks.


Level 5

I still haven't found anything either. I got excited because today because there was a bright shine quarter in my change. It wasn't to be though, just a 2006.


Level 6

I haven't found anything yet. At least I don't think I have. My wife grabs the change so fast to check I'm not sure. We have a lot of fun looking. Thanks!


Level 7

I'm glad you found you 2018 change. There out there i have most but I live by the Federal Reserve Bank. There being released patients . Remember there are fifty states and thousands and thousands of banks waiting for delivery. It doesn't happen overnight. Mike.


Level 6

The cent and the dime too! I found a 2018-D quarter in change a while ago, but that's it.

coin collector

Level 4

wow I am still looking for 2018 pennies dimes and nickels.


Level 6

Lucky you. Have not seen any 2018 coins .

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